About me

I was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and currently live and work in Utrecht as a director, researcher and historian for traditional and interactive web-based documentaries.

I am educated as a Public Historian at the University of Amsterdam, where I was taught to combine proper historical research with engaging storytelling. In my work for interactive documentaries, I mainly focus on how we can make the past more engaging and I work extensively with archival footage, audioscapes, in-engine gameplay and CGI to revive historical events.

My work in traditional documentary focusses on the essential and intimate sides of human life, in which I have a tendency to film with people who are living through the tougher sides of life. My goal is to make their experiences insightful and understandable, with a high respect for who they are. 

As an independent filmmaker I worked with Dutch television, like NPO2, VPRO and RTV Utrecht, with (international) production companies, like Submarine Channel, Een van de jongens, TimeGhost, Onlion Entertainment and with gaming companies, like Wargaming.net and Paradox Interactive. 



Directing ~ Producing ~ Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X) ~

 Documentary research ~ Archive research ~ Camera ~ Sound (basic)


Wieke Kapteijns
Documentary film & research