About me

I was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and currently live and work as a documentary researcher, historian, and film maker in Utrecht. I studied Public History for my masters at UvA, where I learnt how to combine my research skills with storytelling. As a historian, I can do in-depth research, see the bigger picture and recognize how people evolve their lives around that. 

Stories are vital to understanding each other. My drive is to find them, visualize them and present them to a wider audience. Sometimes they take me to Tibet, sometimes they are literally around the corner of my office in Utrecht.

I am working for online interactive documentaires, but am currently also producing a series for television. 



Directing ~ Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X) ~ Documentary research ~

Archive research ~ Camera (basic) ~ Sound (basic)


Wieke Kapteijns
Documentary film & research