About me

I was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and currently live and work in Utrecht as a documentary film director, archival researcher and editor for traditional and interactive web-based documentaries.

After my studies in History (University Utrecht) and Public History (University of Amsterdam), I continued to combine proper historical research with engaging storytelling, and started directing and editing big YouTube series about World War 2 for TimeGhost (DE). Meanwhile I also started to develop myself as an independent documentary film director.  In my films I work extensively with archival footage, like I did for my debut film WHEN SHE IS NOT HERE (2023).

For other documentary films and -series, I am often taken into the team as a creative researcher. I am specialist in archival research, but because I am also a director, I can combine my creative story mindset with in-depth research skills to deliver extensive and surprising results for the project. I have been trained and tutored by in-house researchers of The Institute of Sound & Vision (NL) and am working closely with award-winning directors like Tom Fassaert, Menno Otten, David de Jongh and Pieter van Huystee.

Finally, I work as a film editor. I do a lot of editing for my own films, but I do the montage for other documentary films and -series as well. 

My films are screened on international film festivals and broadcasted on Dutch television. I collaborate closely with archival film institutions such as Sound & Vision (NL), Reuters (ENG) and Screenocean (ENG), with producers such as Een van de jongens (NL), Pieter van Huystee Film & Television (NL), Mint Film Office (NL) Submarine Channel (NL), TimeGhost (DE) and with Dutch broadcasters such as EOdocs, VPRO, NTR, Omroep MAX and RTV Utrecht.

From time to time, when a topic interests me dearly, I also do commissioned documentaires, like I did for the Living Lab ‘Eerst een Thuis’. Financed by the Ministry of VWS.


directing  ~ editing (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X) ~

 documentary research ~ archival film research ~ archival licensing


Wieke Kapteijns
Documentary film & research