In development

Eerst een Thuis

Documentary series 

(5 x ‘7)

When she is not there



The province of Utrecht and multiple partners are conducting the biggest ‘Housing First’ experiment ever done. They will provide 200 houses to homeless men and women and monitor the process of how these people fair and if they manage to get back on their feet. 

In this short documentary series, we will tell the stories of five of them and give an intimate insight in what it takes to finally feel at home again.

Commissioned by Living Lab ‘Eerst een Thuis’. Financed by the Ministry of VWS.

25 years after the death of our mother, my sister will be a mother herself, triggering my search for what having a mother really means. But to really grasp the meaning of a mother and close the gaps of my own past, I will need to delve into uncharted terrain and shine a light on a grief that has been hidden away for all those years.

Produced by Een van de jongens | in collaboration with EO Docs | supported by CoBo fund, Film fund and NPO Fund. Part of the Teledoc Campus program. 

More coming soon